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How a Chinese MedTech venturer hopes to leapfrog US giants

12 August 2022 in Leadership • 5 min read

Jay Yin’s year at IMD proved a turning point in his career – setting him on course to become CEO of one of China’s most ambitious healthcare startups. ...

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Management Cast

How to navigate your digital transformation, with IMD professor Öykü Işık

In 25 minutes or less, the business world's brightest minds explain the ideas, attitudes, and strategies that underpin successful companies.

Öykü Işık helps businesses to tackle cybersecurity and data privacy.  In Episode 10 of ManagementCast she discusses how to build practical digital resilience into business strategy.

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Live Events

Sustainability as a brand growth engine

Many companies have incorporated sustainability into their purpose and brand, yet few are reaping the full benefits of their efforts. On 1 September, Professors Goutam Challagalla and Frédéric Dalsace will outline the best practices for integrating sustainability into your organization’s brand story. The webinar will also help you figure out how to prioritize the best strategy and to use sustainability as a driver for strategy change.

How to improve the capacity of our emotional intelligence

On 8 September, in discussion with IMD Lecturer & Senior Executive Coach Silke Mischke the author of the book, Philip Holder, will help us explore our innate emotional intelligence and describe the techniques and processes we can use daily to help increase the overall capacity of our emotional intelligence.


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