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Book Club Resetting Management

Agility is what you need to future-proof your business  

20 May 2022 • by Stéphane J.G. Girod in Videos • 5 min read

Any company that wants to last needs to learn the art of agility, best understood as creating flexibility and fostering entrepreneurship at the strategic, organizational and management levels....

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Management Cast

How to become customer-centric

In 25 minutes or less, the brightest minds of the business world explain the ideas, attitudes, and strategies that underpin successful companies.

In the fourth episode of our new series, the Martin Hilti professor of Management and Marketing at IMD, explores the degree to which customer data will become ever more important, and how a greater focus on analysis may be the key to success.

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Brain Circuits

Brain Circuits

Tip #1: lead don't manage



This series will explore various trending topics, with each event held in a conversational style among host and panellists.

Live Events

Cybersecurity: what to expect amid rising risks

Rising geopolitical tensions are making the threat landscape even worse and more chaotic. In this webinar with Professor Öykü Isik, we discussed the technological, organizational and societal trends that will shape the practice of cybersecurity over the next few years.

Book Club Discussion

On May 19, Phil Rosenzweig, Professor of Strategy and International Management, and Professor of Strategy and Organizational Innovation Stéphane J.G. Girod had a spirited discussion on the book: Resetting management. They explained how to reset management in order to harness business agility at the strategic, organizational and leadership levels.

Gigacorns, climate tech and sustainable cities

On 24 May, join IMD Professor of Finance Salvatore Cantale, guest speaker Christian Hernandez Gallardo, Co-founder & Partner at 2150, and Honorary President of IMD Dr Peter Lorange, to learn more about Gigacorns and their impact on the world.


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