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Phil Rosenzweig

Phil Rosenzweig has been Professor of Strategy and International Management at IMD since 1996. He directed IMD’s Executive MBA program for six years. He is the author of The Halo Effect … and the Eight Other Business Delusions that Deceive Managers (Free Press, 2007).


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The value of everything

The role of the financial sector, which Mazzucato takes up in chapters 4 through 6, where she addresses “casino capitalism” and the “financialization of the real economy”. Does the financial system create or capture value?

21 July 2021 • by Philip Rosenzweig, Arturo Bris in I by IMD Book Club - Questions • 1 min read

Phil’s Book Club Home About Library Join the Club The value of everything: making and taking in the global economy by Mariana Mazzucato The role of the financial sector, which Mazzucato takes...

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