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Published 4 March 2022

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Token Economy

31 March, 16:00 CEST

The Token Economy, Cryptocurrencies and CBDCs

Blockchain technology has brought about a profound transformation in our monetary system. Through our ability to tokenize and monetize almost anything, a new financial system arises with cryptocurrencies, whether private or public, at the center. Looking beyond anecdotes, how will cryptocurrencies change our lives? Will central banks respond successfully to the disruption?

In this webinar, hosted by Dr Peter Lorange, Honorary President of IMD, IMD Professor of Finance Arturo Bris will be joined by a distinguished speaker: 

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square women in business

25 April, 15:00 CEST

Women, tech and talent shaping the future

The ways in which leaders anticipate and respond to changes brought by technology, diverse talent and new ways of working is critical for the success and sustainability of business. Women can play a significant role in this context, yet the number of women studying technology and working in STEM lags behind men. In addition, due to the disproportionate amount of care that women provide at work and at home, women are increasingly burned out following COVID-19.

This webinar hosted by Dr Peter Lorange, Honorary President of IMD, with Heather Cairns-Lee, Adjunct Professor of Leadership at IMD, and Monica Dell’Anna, Chairwoman of Board B Capital, will discuss the opportunities and challenges that leaders face in shaping the future with a special emphasis on women’s roles in technological and workforce developments.

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