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Mandela behind bars

What the wisdom of Mandela can teach us about leadership

24 June 2022 • by Sello Hatang, Verne Harris in Magazine • 13 min read • Audio availableAudio available

Next year marks the 10th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s death. Sello Hatang and Verne Harris worked closely with the South African statesman and offer valuable personal insights into what made him a...

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Magazine issue 6

Who is calling the shots?

The power issue

From CXOs to Gen Z activists, our experts examine where the real sway lies. In Issue VI of I by IMD, we explore the shifting centers of command and how leaders can inspire, empower and wield influence for good.

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Brain Circuits

Brain Circuits

Tip #1: lead don't manage



This series will explore various trending topics, with each event held in a conversational style among host and panellists.


Management cast

Management Cast

Input is everything in AI

In 25 minutes or less, the brightest minds of the business world explain the ideas, attitudes, and strategies that underpin successful companies.

In the seventh episode As a  has helped companies successfully implement digital strategies. In this episode of ManagementCast, Amit Joshi, Professor of AI, Analytics, and Marketing Strategy at IMD, discusses how firms can avoid the pitfalls of rolling out Artificial Intelligence.

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Live Events

ESG, beyond the hype: how to implement a sustainability strategy

Companies around the globe are publishing ambitious sustainability targets and committing to a variety of ESG pledges.While this might sound like good news, in many instances, companies are struggling to achieve real change.

How to improve the capacity of our emotional intelligence

On 14 July, in discussion with IMD Lecturer & Senior Executive Coach Silke Mischke the author of the book will help us explore our innate emotional intelligence and describe the techniques and processes we can use daily to help increase the overall capacity of our emotional intelligence.


Julie Sweet Accenture

Julie Sweet: why it pays to never stop learning

8 June 2022 in Videos

Julie Sweet has made huge strides since taking over global operations at Accenture. She speaks to Jean-François Manzoni about why the company was so successful during the COVID-19 crisis and the importance...

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What makes a great leader? Do you need charisma? How do you inspire your team? Our experts offer actionable insights through first-person narratives, behind-the-scenes interviews and The Help Desk.
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