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From the journey of senior executives to issues of gender and data bias, each month, we’ll discuss one recently released book, and add a new one to the list, so you'll be able to plan ahead.

Our first four books are recent releases that have been very well received. Together they give a sense of the books we’ll read: the first follows the journey of a senior executive in a given company and industry; the second book looks at issues of gender and data bias; and the third and fourth address important geopolitical and economic trends.

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September: Book of the month

Book club - September 2021

Thursday, 23 September at 17:30 CEST

How to spark new ideas for your business

At this Book Club event, Knut Haanaes will be joined by Martin Reeves for a discussion of his book The Imagination Machine, which explains how to harness imagination in order to generate new ideas and deliver future business success. Martin Reeves leads the BCG Henderson Institute, Boston Consulting Group’s vehicle for exploring ideas from beyond the world of business with implications for business strategy management.

The conversation will focus on ways to be more imaginative and avoid being trapped by current success or short-term concerns. And it will cover some key questions: What holds companies back, and how good can they really be? Are we becoming less imaginative as we become more busy and productive? And is imagination going to help us solve the big global problems?

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Upcoming books of the month

September 2021 : The Imagination Machine

Drawing on insights from case studies of leading companies with organizations such as LEGO, Nokia, Recruit and interviews with business leaders, philosophers, musicians, neuroscientists, historians and more, The Imagination Machine defines a six-step process on how organizations can become more imaginative.

Summer 2021 and beyond

After we discuss a book, we will add one to the list, so that you can plan your reading for the next three months.

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