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Antje Kanngiesser

11 November 2021 in Podcasts

In a rapidly decarbonizing world, the energy sector is facing immense challenges, challenges that Antje Kanngiesser is tackling head-on...

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In a rapidly decarbonizing world, the energy sector is facing immense challenges. The ‘net-zero’ promises of today lead to demands for greener more efficient grids tomorrow, and some are struggling to keep up with the times.

Others, like Antje Kanngiesser, are flourishing. 

As a young lawyer in Germany, she specialized in renewables long before they hit global headlines. Now, following a successful career in the energy sector, she’s emerged as CEO at Alpiq, a company that delivers about 20% of Switzerland’s power.

Like many energy companies, Alpiq is rethinking its business model, and in her new position, Kanngiesser has wasted no time setting out a sustainable plan for growth. In conversation with IMD President Jean-François Manzoni, she discusses the future of energy production in Europe, and how hydrogen can make green travel a reality.


Host: IMD President Jean-François Manzoni 

Guest: Antje Kanngiesser

Produced by JohnJo Devlin

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