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Ilham Kadri

20 May 2021 in Podcasts

Ilham Kadri was recently named by Fortune Magazine as one of the most powerful women in business. And, in the two years since becoming the CEO of Solvay, she’s successfully guided the...

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From a distance, Ilham Kadri might seem like an intimidating figure. She’s the CEO of Solvay, a multibillion-dollar chemicals company. She was recently named by Fortune Magazine as one of the most powerful women in business. And she has a track record for making tough decisions at the top.

But, as she reveals to Jean-François Manzoni in this candid conversation, her leadership style is actually informed by a commitment to listening – and to giving back. And the changes she’s made at Solvay are already putting this into practise.

Among key takeaways in this episode, discover how Kadri’s upbringing in Morocco has influenced her approach to sustainability, why she sees vulnerability as a strength, and why Covid-19 should be a wake up call for businesses everywhere.

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