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Management Cast


The CEO guide to Cybersecurity, with IMD professor Oyku Isik

21 July 2022 in Management Cast

Öykü Işık helps businesses to tackle cybersecurity and data privacy. In this episode of ManagementCast she tells listeners what threats to look out for and why...

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Digital attackers pose one of the greatest threats to modern businesses. Data breaches can ruin a reputation while ransomware can cost a company millions; so why do so many executives leave Cybersecurity to the IT department?

Öykü Işık, Professor of Digital Strategy and Cybersecurity, says the modern CEO needs to be invested in protecting their businesses on-and-offline. As an expert on digital resilience she has been named on the Thinkers50 Radar 2022 list of up-and-coming global thought leaders.

Işık helps businesses to tackle cybersecurity, data privacy, and digital ethics challenges. In this episode of ManagementCast, she tells listeners what to look out for, and why.

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