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Should I Fly: The Environment

9 September 2021 • by Jim Pulcrano, Patrick Reinmoeller in Podcasts

Jim and Patrick speak to environmentalists and executives about resetting the aviation industry, carbon capture, and climate-friendly fuel....

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2020 was the year that travel companies crumbled. But while transport executives winced, others saw a silver lining. 

COVID gave the world a much-needed break from CO2, and sparked a deeper conversation about our reliance on flying. In episode 2 of Should I Fly, Jim and Patrick speak to environmentalists and executives alike about the need to reset the aviation industry.

Highlights include an insight into the renewable fuels of the future, whether carbon capture could revolutionize the way we fly, and what airlines are doing to change their habits today.



Written and presented by Jim Pulcrano and Patrick Reinmoeller

Produced by JohnJo Devlin & Peter Naughton

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